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Produce sendouts under 3 minutes!

IdRelay is a powerful tool for personalized one-to-one communication by e-mail and text messaging. IdRelay lets you reach your target group quickly, simply and cost effectively.

IdRelay is ideal for newsletters, surveys/questionnaires, campaign sendouts, competitions, invitations and other information you want to send and your target group wants to receive.

IdRelay is the perfect tool for strengthening and developing your customer relations. IdRelay is a small investment that leads to a big impact, reliable targeting and good profitability.

Handle recipients

Handle recipients

IdRelay handle all types of recipients with unlimited amount of supplementary information. These import easily via web forms, APIs, text or Excel file.

Always ready & free support

Always ready & free support

Through your browser you have access to IdRelay 24 hours a day, always with the safe operation and monitoring. Mailings with IdRelay are completely handled by our system. No installation or hardware required.

Customer clubs

Customer clubs

The first step in email marketing is to have a customer club, a collection of receivers, to communicate with. We help you build your customer club, make suggestions about how to appropriate capture your customers' contact information and their consent to allow you to send them information and offers Read more about customer clubs!

Work easily with templates

Work easily with templates

Working with templates simplifies and speeds up the production of sendouts. IdRelay can also download the sendouts from your existing publishing platform via URL or RSS. We can assist you with everything from design, production and distribution of your e-mail distribution.

Social media

Social media

Your recipient not only read e-mails. They follow you on Twitter and Facebook. With IdRelay you can easily co-publish to both Twitter and Facebook accounts you use in your communications and marketing.


Online surveys

To increase interaction and to find out how your customers and audiences are thinking on various issues, IdRelay has a smooth function to carry out online surveys.



All mailings can be followed up for further evaluation. You can see what the recipients have expressed interest in, what articles they read or which links they clicked on, who tipped off about your mailing, deletions, and bouncing addresses, etc.

Multilingual support and customizations

Language support and adaptations

IdRelay can adjust to you and your needs. Are you targeting other countries, you can easily change the default settings to a language other than Swedish. Landing Pages, thank you pages, forms, tip-operation, all can be designed and linguistically adapted.

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