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Privacy Policy -

According to Swedish law it is not allowed to send unsolicited commercial e-mail to individuals and individual firms if no consent has been given. Same rules apply for SMS and MMS.
However, there is no requirement for consent if you already have an established customer relationship or have received personal data in connection with a business.

Other rules apply to limited liability companies, foundations and other entities to which companies may send you promotional e-mail. However, this requires that the recipient is free to unsubscribe from future mailings and that there is a valid return address.

IdRelay stress to all our clients that the tools are not to be abused. If a user violate our rules they will be challenged and possibly suspended.

More information about Swedish law can be obtained here

Policy for handling e-mail addresses and other data
IdRelays subscriber e-mail addresses will never be sold, leased or otherwise granted to another party. We always handle all email addresses in such a way that they will never be available to parties other than recipients themselves. All other data processed by IdRelay is under maximum security. In cases where a subscriber chooses to terminate their subscription, this will be respected without reservation.

Rules for use of IdRelay
All users of IdRelay acts under the agreed upon standard for handling data.

Recipients must have actively agreed to receive e-mail. In practice, this means that customers with customers- & member clubs have agreed the details at registration.

Customers can also have forms on their website which is linked to IdRelay. In these cases, new subscribers get an e-mail to the registered e-mail address where they actively have to confirm that the subscription is ordered. Only when the subscriber is confirmed they are activated in the system.

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