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Customer clubs

Before you can start communicating with your customers you need to collect their contact information as well as get their approval for sending them information and offers through IdRelay.

We have helped many clients get started with email marketing and can therefore offer you a starter kit that is designed specifically for you, with tips for a 6-month period, on how to most easily capture contact information, produce a publication plan and follow up your mailings. All in order to increase the value of your offer and thus number of members and customers.

Make smarter business
We probably don't to tell you that 20% of your customers account for 80% of your turnover. But we can help you get these, your best customers, to feel even more pleased with your company. By collecting data about your customers, you can with little effort get to know them better and communicate personal deals directly to each customer.

Increase the frequency of repurchase
No matter what nature your business is the conditions are the same, the more purchase you can make of your customers, the more business you do. And thereby increasing both turnover and profits.

Efficient and smart communication
With IdRelay you communicate quickly via SMS and e-mail. These channels are cost effective and environmentally friendly and offers you the opportunity to do follow ups at customer level in real time. You can quickly adapt your communication to the situation. And thanks to the possibilities for surveys in IdRelay where you invite your customers to respond and react to your mailings, communication becomes maximally effective.

Build your customer database
Collect your customers' information via a form on your website or in the store's cashier. By saving information about your customers you can get to know your customers better which will guarantee a better outcome on your campaigns. Sending the right information or offer to the right customer at the right moment means you can count on increased sales and a customer who will be faithful to your business. In IdRelay you can save an unlimited number of data on your customers.

Offers to new customers
IdRelay help you give your new customers to a good start as a customer of your company. After the customer signs up IdRelay can automatically send out a welcome offer, which increases the chance that customers will return quickly to make their second purchase with you.

We have experience from several of our customers who work successfully with their customer clubs. If you wish to start your own customer club we will help you with tips and ideas to help you quickly see the results of your efforts.

Contact us and we'll set you up with a Start package, and act as your know-how partner throughout the process.

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