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Professional e-communication

IdRelay for e-mail, text messaging and surveys
IdRelay is a powerful tool for personalized one-to-one communication by e-mail and text messaging. IdRelay lets you reach your target group quickly, simply and cost effectively.

IdRelay is ideal for newsletters, surveys/questionnaires, campaign sendouts, competitions, invitations and other information you want to send and your target group wants to receive.

IdRelay improves customer interaction
IdRelay is the perfect tool to strenghten your customer relations. Going with IdRelay means a small investment, with big accuracy and good profitability.
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IdRelay embraces accessibility
Do you or your organisation require accessibility? Many of our customers do and we can offer sendouts that follow todays accessibility standards and guidelines.
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AA SoliditetIf you want more information about how IdRelay can help you with your e-communication strategy feel free to contact us. We offer free support and help you design your sendouts for best impact and deliverability. With twelve years in the business we know e-communication.

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