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Benefits of using IdRelay

Is it hard to find good arguments for e-marketing? No, not really. Everything is possible, and you decide how far you want to go. Below are some good examples of the benefits of using IdRelay.

Easy and effortless communication
IdRelay is easy to use, cost effective and measurable like few other marketing channels. The possibilities for follow-ups are unmatched. Allowing for personal marketing and letting you communicate with your recipients on their terms is the main powers of IdRelay. Furthermore, your recipients can easily spread your sendouts, outside your customer och client base, thus creating new business opportunities.

Stronger brand and increased customer loyalty
Stay in touch with your customers and clients. If they forget you they will remember someone else. IdRelay allow you to stay in the mind of your customers. In an instance you can create traffic to your web site, spread interesting information och relevant timed offers. With IdRelay you can prepare, schedule and send from any computer from anywhere in the world.

Reduced costs
Production and distribution costs are minimized as you take the step over to e-marketing. Also, your marketing strategies instantly become environmentally friendly.

System integration
You can easily integrate IdRelay with your existing business system. Doing away with unnecessary steps and manual handling makes IdRelay an even better investment.

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